John & Frances Sawyer

John Sawyer was born in Dallas, Texas, and spent his early years living in Tyler.  He moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, where he met his wife, Frances Morgan, in a Church of Christ singles class.  John attended Tyler Junior College and later graduated from the University of Houston,  and  Frances  graduated from Louisiana Tech University.  They married in 1956 and moved to Houston, where John primarily worked in the Controllers Department for Exxon Co. USA for 33 years and Frances was a business teacher.  The Sawyers have two children, Steve Sawyer and Sandra Hughes, who also attend Memorial, and five grandchildren and one great grandson.


John and Frances came to Memorial in 1970.  John was a deacon for 24 years, serving with the Worship, Benevolence, New Member, and Missions committees, and has taught periodically in high school and adult classes.  In 1998, he was selected to serve as one of the Memorial elders. 

Romans 8:31-39 is a scripture that provides so much help and encouragement as he strives to live the life of a Christian and elder.