Terry Montgomery & Anita Giezentanner

Terry, his wife, Anita Giezentanner, along with their children Robert, Evan, Barrett, Jonathon, and Kendall, have been at Memorial for many years and have a deep commitment to the welfare of The Lord's Church and in particular, the Memorial congregation.

Terry has led the missions committee for the last few years and participated in several mission trips to Ukraine.  Anita's family joined Memorial around 1960 and she grew up in this congregation as a member of the youth group which included other students such as Sandra Sawyer, Greg Hughes and Jeannine Menger (Devine).  Terry and Anita married here in 1978. Their travels and educational pursuits led them away from the Memorial area, returning in 2004. Anita has participated in Bible study groups, taught children's classes and has been an active member in a variety of ways.  Terry was brought to Christ through prayer and study with Anita.

Terry is a senior investment analyst with Northmarq Capital and Anita is an anesthesiologist with the University of Texas Medical School at Memorial Hermann in the Texas Medical Center.

Their oldest son, Robert, and his wife Ariana Cruz Montgomery are Harding graduates, living in Shreveport, Louisiana where both are employed in the computer programming industry.  Evan will graduate in August 2014 from Texas Tech with a degree in Civil Engineering.  Barrett will graduate in December 2014 from Harding University with a degree in Software Development. He recently married Memorial member Elaine Wilkerson Montgomery, who was brought to Christ through study with Barrett.  They will both be participating in the Harding University Greece program during the Fall of 2014.  Jonathon is a junior at Memorial High School with plans to attend either Harding or Oklahoma Christian University.  Robert, Evan, Barrett, Elaine and Jonathon have all been able to work with Eastern European Mission and travel on mission trips to Ukraine with Terry, as well as other involvements with the youth group. Kendall is the youngest, a student at Memorial Middle School.  Both Jonathon and Kendall remain active members of the current youth group.