Carl & Billie Greer

After growing up in small-town East Texas, Carl Greer left for college and later the business world. After two years attending Arlington State College and entering the work place Carl met Billie Sue Boyd, and they were married in 1949. The Greer’s have two daughters and a son; eight grandchildren; and ten great-grandchildren, and they are thankful that all are faithful members of the church. 
Carl is still active in an exploration service company that he established in 1953. He has lectured at conferences and served on committees for oil industry – related organizations and has written various articles for publication. He has written several training manuals. His patents for the first computer based well logging programs were granted thirty years ago. He presently has two patents applied for, upgrading well logging methods. 
Carl and Billie were baptized into Jesus Christ in 1952 after a personal Bible study, starting a lifetime of service to Jesus Christ and His Church. Carl served as an elder at the Garden Oaks Church of Christ and the Northwest Church of Christ before coming to Memorial, where he has served as elder since 1986. 
Carl is most thankful for the opportunities he has to study the Bible with those who are searching for God and see them obey their Lord. He intends for personal Bible studies to be a major part of his remaining service to Christ and His Church. 
Carl says that “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13) is one of his favorite verses, because it reminds him that not one accomplishment, in either secular or church work, would have happened without the blessings of a kind Father in Heaven or the help and encouragement of his wonderful mate and numerous Christian brothers and sisters.